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Narrak Folding Electric Bike, 48V & 624Wh Lithium Removable Battery, Peak 1100W Brushless Motor, Max Speed 28Mph, M5 Large LCD Display

Narrak Folding Electric Bike, 48V & 624Wh Lithium Removable Battery, Peak 1100W Brushless Motor, Max Speed 28Mph, M5 Large LCD Display

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Experience effortless and eco-friendly commuting with the meticulously engineered Folding Electric Bike. Its robust 48V and 624Wh lithium-ion removable battery ensures extended range, while the exceptional peak 1100W brushless motor delivers unrivaled power and efficiency. With a maximum speed of 28 mph, this bike empowers you to conquer hills and navigate urban landscapes with ease. The sleek M5 large LCD display provides real-time ride data and simplifies control, making every excursion a pleasure. Enhanced safety features, including high-performance disc brakes, add peace of mind to your journey. Effortlessly fold the bike for convenient storage and transportation, making it the ideal companion for city living, public transit integration, or simply saving space. Experience the future of urban mobility with this cutting-edge Folding Electric Bike, combining advanced technology, sleek design, and eco-consciousness to redefine your daily commute.


⚠️Please mind potential fire risk and strictly follow the instruction manual for charging and storage. While using the product, please wear protective equipment and fully comply with the applicable law and regulations.


  • Brand Name: GISAEV
  • Origin: US(Origin)
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Wattage: > 500w
  • Power Supply: SOLAR
  • Rated Passenger Capacity: One Seat




  • Order Processing Time:  1-3 Business Days
  • Order Delivery Time:      2-8 Business Days (USPS)

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Narrak electric bike

Narrak Electric City Bicycle

Perfect Ebike for your Every Trips Need!


Product Description

narrak electric bike

e bike 750 watt



Product Description

Introducing the Narrak Electric Folding Bike, a blend of power, versatility, and safety designed to elevate your riding experience. Engineered with a robust 750W motor that peaks at 1100W and a 48V 13.4Ah battery, it effortlessly achieves speeds up to 28mph, making every journey thrilling. Its multi-terrain capability is enhanced by thick, multi-tooth tires, perfect for mountain climbs and rugged trails, ensuring your adventure knows no bounds. The bike features four adaptable riding modes to suit your mood and need-from a leisurely walk mode to a high-intensity pedal-assist mode, alongside a traditional pedal mode for those pure cycling moments. Safety is paramount, with a 7-speed drivetrain for reliable shifting, integrated LED lighting for visibility, and a sophisticated braking system for immediate stopping power. All cables are discreetly housed within the frame to maintain its sleek look and ensure safety when folding. Based in Los Angeles, California, our professional service team is always ready to provide prompt, efficient support, making the Narrak Electric Bike not just a product but a comprehensive cycling solution.

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