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ROCKBROS Bicycle Helmet Nicholas Frantz Integrally-molded Helmet

ROCKBROS Bicycle Helmet Nicholas Frantz Integrally-molded Helmet

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The ROCKBROS Bicycle Helmet Nicholas Frantz Integrally-molded Helmet is the perfect cycling companion for all levels of cyclists. Its lightweight design and aerodynamic shape make it comfortable and easy to wear while its ergonomically-shaped EPS foam inner shell and adjustable straps provide a secure and snug fit. The helmet also features an integrated ventilation system, which helps keep your head cool and comfortable on hot summer days. The stylish and sporty design of this helmet will keep you looking great while you ride. The ROCKBROS Bicycle Helmet Nicholas Frantz Integrally-molded Helmet is also certified to meet safety standards, giving you the peace of mind that you are well protected while on your bike.


  • Brand Name: ROCKBROS
  • Material: EPS
  • Age Group: (Adults) Men
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Integrally-molded Helmet
  • Air Vents: 8 - 15
  • Certification: CE
  • Weight (g): 263g
  • Model Number: TS-42
  • Material: PC shell + EPS foam
  • Head circumference: 57-61cm
  • Weight: About 263g

Product Detail

  • Material: PC shell + EPS
  • Head circumference: 57-61cm
  • Color: Black Titanium
  • Applicable: bicycles, electric vehicles, scooters

Product Feature

  • Streamline integrated design
  • More comfortable riding in the wind
  • Breathable and not stuffy
  • More air vents
  • 360° rotation adjustment
  • Adjustable head circumference




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  • Order Delivery:  12-15 Days

Product Information

Security One Piece

One-piece protective shell,comfortable to wear, giving you a better riding experience

Lightweight & Comfortable To Wear

Only about 263g brings you a more relaxing cycling experience

One-Piece Edging Of Pc Shell

Integrated edging design, more concise and beautiful, comfortable to wear

Streamlined Strength Breaks The Wind

Cycling through the wind is more comfortable

Front & Rear Diversion

The streamlined appearance design breaks the wind,more vents, front and rear vents diversion,ventilation is not sultry

360°Rotation Adjustment

One size 57-61cm

Breathable So Simple

Streamlined integrated design, 19 ventilation holes,not boring when cycling

More comfortable To Wear

Fits to the curve of the head, adjustable to fit better



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