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ROCKBROS Bicycle Lock Portable Anti-theft Ring Lock

ROCKBROS Bicycle Lock Portable Anti-theft Ring Lock

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This ROCKBROS Bicycle Lock is a perfect choice for cyclists who need a portable, anti-theft lock. This lightweight cable lock features a combination lock making it easy to secure your bike without a key. The flexible steel cable is also resistant to cutting and tampering for added security. Enjoy the peace of mind that your bike is safe and secure with this lock.



  • Brand Name: ROCKBROS
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Cable Lock
  • Material: Steel


Product Detail:

  • Brand: ROCKBROS
  • Name: Bike Cable Lock
  • Material: Steel Cable + PVC + Copper Lock Core
  • Lenght: ≈1.1cm
  • Weight: ≈265g
  • Lock Frame: Suit to 28-39mm Diameter Seatpost
  • Application: Bicycle, Motorcycle, Electronic Vehicle Lock



1. Portable
2. Professional Anti-Theft Lock
3. Lengthen Steel Cable
4. Sturdy Lock Cylinder
5. Convenient Storage
6. Comfortable PVC Cable
7. Dust and Rust Proof Core

Portable anti-theft ring lock



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Tough steel / bold lock body / PVC wrapped / wear-resistant and rust-proof

Safe and reliable, one handful is enough

Product Information

Bold lock body, firm and durable

The diameter of the lock body is about 11.5mm

Upgraded copper blade lock cylinder

Teeth change is complicated

Keyless quick lock

It can be locked by pressing in the lock, simple and convenient

Lengthened steel cable flexible bending

The overall length can reach 1.1 meters

PVC package Doesn't hurt the frame

PVC wrapped steel cable feels comfortable to prevent scratches on your car

ABS shell + dust cover

It is resistant to wear and tear, preventing external rain, sand, etc. from entering the interior

Anti-theft key with serpentine slot

Snake-shaped groove design is difficult to copy, high security and anti-theft performance

Delivery lock frame, easy to carry

Gently buckle firmly and stable, compact and portable

Drive storage does not take up space

When driving, the lock is stored in the bracket, no need to configure the car bag separately

Two colors are available

Product display

Gently buckle firmly and stable, compact and portable



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