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ROCKBROS Mountain Bike Mudguard Widen Quick Release 26-29 Inch

ROCKBROS Mountain Bike Mudguard Widen Quick Release 26-29 Inch

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Keep your mountain bike clean and protected while riding with ROCKBROS Mudguard. Featuring a wide design and quick release function, this durable fender is easy to install and fits 26-29 inch bikes. Don't let mud and debris slow you down, upgrade your bike with this innovative accessory today!


ROCKBROS Mountain Bike Mudguard Widen Quick Release 26-29 Inch  Durable lnnovative Installation Fender Bicycle Accessaries

  • Brand Name: ROCKBROS
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model Number: 28210008001/8210008002
  • Product name: Detachable Mountain Bike Mudguards
  • Material: PP+PET
  • Color: Black
  • lnstallation: Front fork, rear upper fork
  • Applicable: Suitable for 26-29 inch mountain bikes




  • Order Processing Time:  1-2 Business Days
  • Order Delivery Time:    17-22 Business Days

Product information

  • Product name:Detachable Mountain Bike Mudguards
  • Item number:28210008001/8210008002
  • Material:PP+PET
  • Weight:Rear mudguard about 214g (net weight)/Including packaging about 303gFront mudguard about 200g (net weight)/Including packaging about 298g
  • Color:Black
  • Installation:Front fork, rear upper fork
  • Applicable range:Suitable for 26-29 inch mountain bikes
  • Warranty:1year

Product features

  • Innovative installation
  • Not easily deformed
  • Freely adjustable
  • Not easily displaced
  • Suitable for 26-29 inch mountain bikes

Detachable Mudguards, Rejecting Muddiness

No need to occupy the seat post space

Can be installed as long as there is a rear upper fork

Two-point fixation, not easily displaced

Even in collisions, the mudguards' angles remain unchanged, and they easily return to their original position, blocking more mud and water

Non-hole installation, solving two major issues

Can be installed with a front fork, and the angle can be adjusted up and down

Suitable for 26-29 inch mountain bikes, widened and reinforced to resist mud and sludge

On rainy and muddy roads, you need a mudguard to shield you from the splashes and mud

Combination installation Adjustable position

Using screws for assembly, the mudguards' angles can be freely adjusted
The mudguard angle can be rotated 360 degrees (adjust as needed)

Scientific Arc Design, Streamlined Shape

Reduces Air Resistance, Doesn't Interfere with Cycling

Screw Mounting with Anti-Slip Design

High overlap, stable installation, not easily detached

Aluminum Alloy Telescopic Rod, Adjustable Length

Aluminum alloy support rod with scale for better length adjustment

PET Soft Rubber Tail, Resistant to Impact, Wear, and Freezing

PET coating, resistant to pulling and not easy to come off, withstands impact and freezing

Flexibility and Durability, Not Easily Twisted

Made of PP+PET material, resistant to bending and not easily broken

Product List

Installation Steps(The rear mudguard is installed similarly)

1.Take out the pad
2.Stick it on the support
3.Attach the nut to the mudguard
4.Align the support rod with the mounting point
5.Gently tighten the screw with the hex key
6.Fix the support on the front fork
7.Secure it with a tie strap
8.Cut off the excess tie strap
9.Adjust the telescopic rod to the appropriate distance
10.Tighten the screw to secure it
11.Installation complete

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