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WEST BIKING 3D Printed Bicycle Saddle MTB, road bike racing, triathlon, and enduro cycling.

WEST BIKING 3D Printed Bicycle Saddle MTB, road bike racing, triathlon, and enduro cycling.

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Flagship 3D Printed Technology  3D Printed liquid polymer,infinitely adjustable honeycomb structure,zoned shock absorption meet your various cycling needs.  130-Classic Long Style,The seat cushion has moderate hardness and is longer,so it can help you control your bike more easilwhen you perform various complex movements, It is recommended to pair it with padded cycling pants.  182-Touring Short Nose Style,The cushion is slightly soft, making it more suitable for leisure cycling and city travel, without the need to pair it with padded cycling pants.  187-Racing Short Nose Style,The seat cushion has moderate hardness and is suitable for road bike racing. It is recommended to pair it with padded cycling pants.



  • Brand Name: West Biking
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • User: MEN
  • Use: Road Bicycles
  • Type: Road Bike Saddle
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Category: Front Seat Mat
  • Shell Material: Liquid Resins
  • Model Number: YP0801130/182/187
  • Size: About 245*145MM
  • Features 1: Variable Density Honeycomb Structure
  • Features 2: Ultralight; Breathable; Soft
  • Features 3: Aerodynamic Design
  • Features 4: Biomimetic Liquid Polymer
  • Bottom Shell Material: Reinforced Nylon
  • Rails Material: Cr-Mo Steel
  • Weight: About 265g



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Classic-130 3D Printed Saddle

Cover Material : 3D printed liquid resins
Bottom Shell Material:Reinforced Nylon
Rails Material : Cr-Mo
Seat Length: 275mm
Seat Width: 142mm
Saddle Weight:about 260g

No Limited By Traditional Production Methods And Materials

The technology of building objects by layer-by-layer printing using solid materials based on aigital model files to ensure large-scale production of products.

Give Proper Support To Each Part

Personalized shock absorption, different parts can enjoy different shock absorption effects.
The degree of zoned cushioning is designed for the muscle groups that come into contact during the ride.
Each zone is designed with specific mechanical properties, with unique cushioning and mechanical response.
After being connected by 3D printed, they are gradually and seamlessly combined.

Each key Functional Area Has A Different Support Design

The rear part of the cushion is hard, the middle part is moderate,and the front part is is soft.

New EM+21 Material,Better Than Traditional Foam Filling

EM+21 material has excellent performance and is one of the best elastic materials at present.
High-performance elasticity with tear,flex, and high temperature resistance

30CRMO Chrome Molybdenum Steel Bow

High-strength heat treatment segmented paint laser scale,outstanding flexibility and shock absorption during cycling

One-Piece Base Seamless Cushion

Except for the logo, the seat cushion is fixed with screws,and the rest are integrated.

Streamline Ergonomic Design

Cycling without grinding your legs
Front narrowing and wide rear

Hollow Ventilation Comfortable And Breathable Riding

Long-term riding is not easy to be stuffy, so that the riding is ventilated and dry, sweat is quick-drying, and at the same time, it can reduce the feeling of squeezing

3D Honeycomb Structure

Can be directly washed with water
Because the buffer material is a honeycomb shape composed of many hexagons, it only needs to be washed with water on the muddy road.
Rigorous testing simulates accelerated weathering,UV aging and abrasion resistance,thereby enhancing the feel and durability of the seat.

Widened hollow Design Reduce Stress

New lengthened hollow air guide groove design, this design concept greatly avoids the oppression of male soft tissue

High Resilience Nodes and Pillars

The 3D printed process makes the seat cushion form dense nodes and pillars.
This process and unique structure make it "soft where it should be soft, and hard where it should be hard.

Honeycomb Hollow Comprehensive Breathable Experience

The superior air permeability of the 3D-printed hollow buffer layer is unmatched by traditional saddles, and the hollow honeycomb structure makes the buffer layer softer and more comfortable.

182-Short Nose Touring Saddle

Weight:About 263g
Size:About 24.5*14.5cm
Material:Nylon Bottom Shell, Cr-Mo Steel Bow,3D Printed EM23
Features:Hollow Breathable, Durable,Waterproof,Shock Absorption
Suitable For People who Do Not wear Cycling Pants For Leisure Commuting
Fit:MTB/Road Bike

187 Short Nose Racing Saddle

Material:EM23+Nylon Bottom case+CR-MO Steel Bow
Weight:About 265g
Suitable for:Road Bike Mountain bike


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